4 Ways To Use Bulk Epsom Salt

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We can easily guess that anyone who needs wholesale high quality epsom salt is probably an entrepreneur. But we can’t just as easily guess the products and services of these business owners. After all, there are so many ways we can use epsom salt.

The Many Uses For Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is far from a single use product. Some popular uses for epsom salt include the following: 

  • Beauty Spas – Epsom salt is an excellent exfoliator, and spas may use bulk epsom salt to create their own exfoliation blends to offer to clients. USP grade and certified epsom salt may be used in scalp massages at hair salons, foot exfoliation rubs at nail salons, and even in facials at skincare spas. The addition of epsom salt to oils or soaps is a simple way to create new treatment products for clients to enjoy. 
  • Float TanksFloat tanks require a large amount of epsom salt to achieve the buoyancy that these float experiences are famous for. Bulk or wholesale certified salts ensure that float experiences remain trustworthy, soothing, and available to customers. 
  • Gardening – Gardening centers, nurseries, and invested home gardeners have a secret weapon in epsom salt. For peppers and tomatoes, you may find some yellowing of the leaves during the peak midsummer season. This is usually a signal that a magnesium deficiency is present, and the problem can be solved with a tablespoon of epsom salt dissolved into every gallon of water before watering.

Rose gardeners also know the power of epsom salt in a gardening toolkit. Before transplanting a rose, place 2 cups of epsom salt into the soil to encourage healthy rooting. For lush blooms, water the roses with ½ cup of epsom salt dissolved in a gallon of water weekly.

Epsom salt is truly useful in the garden. Raccoons and other pests tend to dislike the taste and smell of epsom salts, so a sprinkling around the perimeter of a garden can be enough to keep them from entering any further. This provides a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly form of pest control. 

  • Cleaning services – Epsom salt isn’t just soothing and beneficial to people and plants; it can also work as an excellent tool for cleaners or cleaning services. Epsom salt can help to deep clean toilet bowls, easily brighten grout, remove soap scum, and even soften fabrics. 

Wholesale epsom salt that is high-quality, USP graded, and certified can benefit hobbyists and business owners alike in a variety of ways. With reliable quality, there is no shortage of places where epsom salt will come in handy.

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