Bulk Epsom Salt For Float Pods

Bulk Epsom Salt For Float Pods

Without bulk epsom salt, a float spa simply can’t exist. Magnesium sulfate is the difference between a float pod and a bath and is the reason you float weightlessly on the surface of the water rather than sinking down. 

For float pod spa owners, finding the right supplier for epsom salt in bulk is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Why Bulk Epsom Salt Quality Matters Most For Float Spas 

The water used in a float pod is highly saturated with epsom salt. In fact, a float pod that is about eight feet long and four feet wide takes about 200 gallons of water and a whopping 850 pounds of epsom salt in bulk to maintain. 

As customers lie back and enjoy a float, their skin is going to be coming in contact with an incredible amount of dissolved epsom salt. As they float, they get to enjoy the plethora of benefits that it has to offer. 

The relaxing effect of the magnesium and the buoyancy that gives the float its distinct weightlessness are among some of the most sought-after. In order to fully enjoy the experience, customers need to know that the float giving them the relaxation they want is safe. 

While finding safe water is relatively simple, finding safe epsom salt isn’t always that straightforward. Float spa owners need to seek out USP Grade epsom salt that proves its safety, efficacy, and purity. 

This kind meets all the safety and standard regulations of the United States Pharmacopeia, an organization that has been setting standards for personal care products for more than a century. By seeking out this type of epsom salt, you’re using salt that is guaranteed pure, effective, and safe.

We at BulkEpsomSalt.com offer epsom salt of this kind. To prove our product’s purity level, we can provide a Certificate of Analysis upon request. Click here to know more.

By opting for pure, high-quality wholesale magnesium sulfate, both float spa owners and their customers get priceless peace of mind. Both can rest assured knowing that they’re providing or enjoying a safe and relaxing experience that retains all of the benefits float therapy spas are used for.

A Proven Track Record 

You may have found high-quality epsom salt for your float therapy spa, but the work isn’t over yet. It’s great to find a supplier of quality salt, but what if that supplier isn’t always reliable? 

Without epsom salt, a float pod spa simply cannot operate. With average use, each 8×4 feet float tank must be drained and refilled about every 6 months. If it uses about 850 pounds of epsom salt per float pod fill, this means you’ll need around 1,700 pounds per tank per year. 

This number could be even higher if your float pod spa sees more customers than the average. Your business relies on your ability to regularly acquire large amounts of epsom salt, so a proven track record should be priority number two.

At BulkEpsomSalt.com, not only do we provide quality wholesale epsom salt. We also provide it in the quantities you need when you need it. We have returning customers from several float spas in various states because we’ve already established our brand to be trustworthy and reliable.

Just let us know how many bags of epsom salt you need, and we’ll ship them to you.

Keep Your Float Pod Spa Successful 

When you find the right supplier for bulk epsom salt, you can focus on pushing your float pod spa business forward. Partner with us and let’s work together to keep your business on track to success.

For any questions on bulk orders, freight rates, or product quality, you can call or text us at 818-203-7698. You may also place your order today by filling out this form.

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