Bulk Epsom Salt For Float Pods Available Here

Bulk Epsom Salt For Float Pods Available Here

People love float pods because they remove all physical and mental distractions so the floater can achieve ultimate relaxation. As a business owner who uses these sensory deprivation chambers, you know the importance of purchasing bulk epsom salt for float pods. Having a reliable epsom salt supplier is a must. 

USP Grade Epsom Salt

When purchasing  epsom salt in bulk for your business, ensure you get USP Grade epsom salt. This stands for United States Pharmaceutical Grade or food grade. It is the most quality-controlled epsom salt you can get, which is why it is used in float pods and other personal care products.

USP Grade Epsom salt contains no additives or artificial ingredients. The salt composition has not been modified in any way, so it meets and exceeds the standards of the FCC.

Purchasing Bulk Epsom Salt For Float Pods

Any owner or manager of a float pod facility knows this well: it is important to have a reliable source of bulk epsom salt. At BulkEpsomSalt.com, we are committed to supplying you with high-quality epsom salt in bulk quantities, making it easy to keep your tanks full and ready for use. 

Why purchase bulk epsom salt for float pods? There are many advantages:

Epsom Salt Supply Cost Savings

When you purchase your epsom salt in larger quantities, the price per pound will be lower than in small quantities. This can help you save money in the long run, which is especially important if you are a small business owner just starting out in the float pod industry.

Epsom Salt Packaging Options

You will also find a variety of shipment options to suit your needs. We can configure any pallet size that works for you. The typical pallet size is around 2,450 pounds or 49 bags at 50 pounds each. However, you can choose the number of bags you need.

High-Quality Epsom Salt Wholesale Order

Another advantage of purchasing your bulk epsom salt with us is the quality of the product you receive. The salt comes from a reputable and reliable supplier that uses strict quality control measures to ensure it meets the highest standards. You can be confident in placing your wholesale epsom salt order.

Remember, the bulk epsom salt you purchase for your luxurious home spa or float pod business should be high-quality and USP grade. For even more peace of mind, request an official COA.

Have other inquiries or want a freight quotation before placing your wholesale epsom salt order? Call us at 818-203-7698.

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