Bulk Epsom Salt For Sale: Order Online For Float Tanks

bulk epsom salt float tanks

Float tanks require a large amount of epsom salt to operate effectively and provide your clients with the buoyancy they need in the tank to relax and reach a zen-like state. If you are short on this mineral, you need to find a reliable supplier with bulk epsom salt for sale, so you don’t run low in the future.

Also, remember that not only float spa owners can benefit from bulk epsom salt. It is also useful for floatation enthusiasts who have their own personal float tanks at home as well as other beauty and wellness spa owners.

Premium Bulk Epsom Salt For Sale

bulk epsom saltWhen looking for epsom salt for your spa or wellness center, you want to be sure you are getting USP Grade for your float tanks. It should have no additives or fillers and be manufactured in a clean and secure environment, so you will receive only the finest product available. 

This kind of epsom salt is the highest quality you can purchase. It is safe for use in bath salts and floatation therapy. 

Certificate Of Analysis

If you want a guarantee that you are purchasing a high-quality product in bulk, don’t hesitate to request a Certificate of Analysis or COA. This conveys vital information from the supplier to you about the identity, quality, and purity of the epsom salt you purchase.

It is an essential document outlining all the tests performed on a product before it is shipped to the consumer. We at BulkEpsomSalt.com provide this upon request because we understand the importance of proper documentation and supplier transparency to business owners.

bulk epsom saltHow Much Epsom Salt Will You Need?

The amount of epsom salt you need depends on how many float tanks you have to fill. A wellness center or spa owner may have one or more float tanks, while a person using a float tank at home will only have one to worry about, which may be a smaller tank. The typical tank requires around 800 pounds of epsom salt or six pounds for each gallon of water. This ratio ensures you can float effortlessly.

The Price Of Epsom Salt

When you have a float tank you need to fill, the price of bulk epsom salt for sale can jump significantly, especially when it is time to completely drain, clean, and refill the tanks. The prices vary and depend on the supplier’s shipping costs.

At BulkEpsomSalt.com, we ship freight anywhere in the US and can configure any pallet size you need. If you don’t need a pallet size amount, you can order the number of bags your business requires. This is useful if you are using it for a personal float tank at home and don’t need as much as a wellness center or if you are making bath products to sell that contain epsom salt. 

We ship all orders directly from our Kentucky warehouse. If you are in the area, you can call us and request a pick-up, and you won’t have to pay the freight prices. 

For more information or to get personalized freight quotations, call or text us today.

Bulk Epsom Salt For Sale: Order Online For Float Tanks

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