Bulk Epsom Salt For Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Bulk Epsom Salt For Sensory Deprivation Tanks

Sensory deprivation tanks work with bulk epsom salt from turstworthy manufacturers. These tanks are used as a means of sensory isolation, providing feelings of soothing, relaxation, and relief through flotation in a buoyant tank of warm water. High epsom salt saturation is what keeps these tanks buoyant, comfortable, and functional. 

What Happens In Sensory Deprivation Tanks? 

In the tank, a user will lie back in a “pod” like structure filled with lukewarm water highly saturated with epsom salt. As they relax their body, it will float comfortably on the surface of the water, allowing the body’s muscle systems to completely relax. Novice floaters will usually float for around 60 to 90 minutes in a session, but as experience grows the time in the tank may grow as well. Experienced float tank users may decide to float for as long as 2 to 3 hours at a time.

How Much Salt Does A Float Tank Use? 

Sensory deprivation tanks, also known as float tanks, require a great deal of bulk epsom salt to provide the “float” experience. On average, around 6 pounds of epsom salt are added for every single gallon of water in the tank, and a single tank will use between 150 and 200 gallons of water. This means that a single float tank will be saturated with around 900 – 1200 pounds of bulk epsom salt. 

The water in a float tank should be changed after every 1,000 uses or around every 6 months. If each tank uses around 900 – 1200 pounds of epsom salt in a single fill, this means that the same tank will require between 1800 – 2400 pounds of salt per year. For a float tank spa, one can see quite quickly why reliable, authentic, and convenient bulk epsom salt is a real necessity. 

The Importance Of A High Quality Salt 

Float spa owners of course strive to provide the most effective and safe experience for their clients. For this reason, it’s crucial to use only the highest quality USP grade epsom salt. This is salt that meets all standards and regulations laid out by the United States Pharmacopeia, so it’s salt that both business owners and clients of said businesses can feel confident about. Clients can come in, float, and leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. Float spa owners are confident those clients will be back to experience the benefits of a float again. 

BulkEpsomSalt.com only provides product that meets all USP grade epsom salt needs. Businesses may also request an official COA, or certificate of analysis, with their order. For any other questions or freight quotes, you’re welcome to call 818-203-7698.

Epsom salt products that do not have a USP grade aren’t products that business owners or clients can be sure about. These products could potentially be cut with filler, the salt may be substandard, or it may contain very little authentic epsom salt at all. A USP graded product is a guaranteed product for purity, potency, and authenticity. 

At BulkEpsomSalt.com we pride ourselves on helping the growth of businesses in all industries, including float tank spas. We’re here to supply you with the bulk epsom salt you need to give clients the best float experiences possible. To learn more, call us at 818-203-7698. bulk epsom salt wholesale order online

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