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A lot of our customers who buy wholesale epsom salt are float spa owners. Their thriving business tells us that people really do enjoy going to float spas these days. And we get that. When you’re always stressed or feeling the dark signs of burnout, one float could change things for the better. That’s why we continue to support float spas with the highest quality of epsom salt available, USP Grade for maximum relaxation.

How Much Epsom Salt Does A Floatation Tank Use?

The average floatation tank or float pod contains more than a thousand pounds of epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate. A normal trial order at the start of a new relationship between a float spa and an epsom salt supplier usually involves a minimum of one to two thousand pounds of epsom salt.

Talk to us regarding shipping costs. We can also discuss pick-up options if you’re in the Kentucky area. We’ll make the ordering process as simple as possible for you.

Other Uses Of Epsom Salt

In addition to being the main ingredient in float tanks, epsom salt is also used in beauty salons for foot soaks, shampooing, and nail care, among many other treatments. Epsom salt is truly multipurpose. It can even be used for scrubbing and cleaning at home. It is also used as a fabric softener. Gardeners use epsom salt to enhance their soil. Equine centers also use epsom salt for horse baths. 

At home, you can mix equal parts of epsom salt and liquid dish detergent. Blended, this can now be used to scrub tiles efficiently.

If your washing machine has some build-up, you can use epsom salt to clear it. Fill the washing machine with warm water, add the epsom salt, and run a soak cycle.

Epsom salt can also be used outdoors as a slug and pest deterrent. Just sprinkle some around the home’s entry points to block slugs and pests.

Further, epsom salt offers deeply relaxing benefits. It is even known as a hemorrhoid soothing agent. At home, a large family can finish a 50 lbs bag of epsom salt in a month or two when it is used for a variety of purposes.

Why USP Epsom Salt

Always buy USP Epsom Salt and ask for COA to be sure, especially if you are running a float spa. Test various suppliers to make sure your epsom salt doesn’t contain harmful fillers.

If you are ready to purchase bulk epsom salt for your personal or home needs, text or call us at 818-203-7698. 

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