Bulk Wholesale Epsom Salt For Float Therapy

Bulk Wholesale Epsom Salt Float Therapy

Float therapy is now more popular than ever. To run a successful float therapy business or spa, you must ensure you have a fair amount of high-quality bulk wholesale epsom salt on hand for your float tank.  

Sourcing it from a reliable supplier will keep your business running more smoothly, ensuring your customers are pleased with their float therapy experience.

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What Is USP Grade Bulk Wholesale Epsom Salt?

USP Grade epsom salt, or United States Pharmaceutical Grade, is also often referred to as food grade. It is the kind with the highest quality and quality control that you can purchase in bulk.

It is often used in personal care products and float tanks. This bulk epsom salt contains no additives or artificial ingredients, and the salts are not modified in any way.

At BulkEpsomSalt.com, we only offer this kind of epsom salt. We provide a Certificate of Analysis upon request to prove the purity and quality of our product.

The Value Of Purchasing In Bulk 

When maintaining float tanks for your business, it makes sense to purchase your epsom salt in bulk so you can get through your week with fewer hiccups. An average bulk order for a business is around 500 kgs for just one week.

Float tanks use about 550 kgs of magnesium- and sulfate-rich epsom salts to achieve the buoyancy needed for a float tank user to actually float. The amount your business needs weekly or monthly also depends on how many float tanks you utilize and how often you change out the water and clean the tanks.

bulk epsom saltFloat tanks are cleaned daily, and the epsom salt combined with the water creates a saline environment preventing the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms. If you need this ingredient in large quantities for your business, place an order with us at BulkEpsomSalt.com today.

When it comes to changing the salt in a float tank, the US Float Tank Standards, created by the Floatation Tank Association, have their own standards to follow regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the float tanks you use in your spa. 

They state that the water should be changed out after every 1,000 floats or every six months. This means you want to make sure to have your bulk epsom salt orders scheduled, so you can stay on track with maintenance.

Finding A Reputable Bulk Epsom Salt Supplier

Purchasing bulk epsom salt from a reputable supplier is so important. Whether you need it by the pallet or half pallet, we at BulkEpsomSalt.com have what you need while prioritizing quality products and exceptional customer service. We facilitate the efficient delivery of each order.

 We offer wholesale epsom salt in grain sizes suitable for your float tanks. Our product is 100% pure, lab-certified, and premium, offering you the highest purity level possible. You can also request a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for proper record-keeping and documentation.

 We are committed to meeting and exceeding the bulk wholesale epsom salt requirements of your business. For inquiries and freight quotations, call or text us at 818-203-7698.

bulk epsom salt

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