How to Ensure You’re Buying Epsom Salt Bulk Made in USA

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Not all epsom salt is created equal. Some products may use fillers to add weight to bulk bags. Some may have questionable quality even if they’re claiming their product is “pure.” One way to ensure your product meets your high standards is to invest in epsom salt bulk made in USA.

The Importance Of Epsom Salt Bulk Made In USA

Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to purchase bulk epsom salt made in the USA:

Local Economy Boost

Purchasing an American-made product supports American workers and the American dream. Doing so also helps boost the local economy. Therefore, when you buy bulk epsom salt made in the USA, your business plays a role in this.

Additionally, buying locally made products and sourcing from local brands will provide locals with a stable livelihood.

bulk epsom saltEpsom Salt Within Reach

Sourcing epsom salt outside of the USA can put some real bumps in the road. First, shipping is more expensive and it takes longer to get the product you need. The product will need to be loaded into a cargo container, onto a ship, or (in some instances) into a plane. 

It will need to make its way across an ocean to reach American shores. Customs will also need to process and check it before it makes its way to you.

BulkEpsomSalt.com ships anywhere in the US. If your business is located in or near Kentucky, you also have the option to pick up your bulk epsom salt orders from our warehouse. Call us to know more.

What Is The USA Difference? 

What is the difference between bulk epsom salt from overseas and USA-made epsom salt? First and foremost, there’s quality. We at BulkEpsomSalt.com provide USP Grade, which means it has met all rigorous testing standards set out by the United States Pharmacopeia. 

To achieve this grade, our epsom salt has been tested for potency, authenticity, quality, and safety. This ensures we only provide the safest and most effective product. Contact us for any questions about the quality and purity of what we offer.

bulk epsom salt

Industries That Use Bulk Epsom Salt 

Businesses in different industries such as personal care, gardening, and float therapy use bulk epsom salt. For brands that offer products that are directly applied to the skin, using high-quality epsom salt is crucial.

Overall, investing in a USA-made product allows you to save on freight costs, contribute to the local economy, and ensure that your products will be of high quality.

We can supply epsom salt bulk made in the USA for your business. We offer it in different grain sizes suitable for various applications. So whether you run a cosmetics, gardening, or horse care business, we can help you. Place an order here today.

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