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Wholesale magnesium sulfate aka epsom salt is a staple ingredient for many brands that offer bath soaks and personal care products. If you’re looking for a new epsom salt supplier, we’re right here. We offer special rates for first-time buyers and VIP customers. 

Bulk Epsom Salt In Kentucky

BulkEpsomSalt.com has a warehouse in Kentucky, so if you’re in the area, you can simply pick up your order. Our wholesale magnesium sulfate is pure, USP grade, and certainly without fillers. We’re proud to offer salt products that you can trust.

USP grade refers to approval by the United States Pharmacopeia. This institution has been around since the 19th century and is in the business of setting regulatory standards for personal care products of all kinds. Materials given a USP grade have been tested for quality, purity, and authenticity. Our USP grade epsom salt is the real deal – a product that clients can rely on to be safe, effective, and pure. 

Specializing In Soaks 

Epsom salt is a common ingredient in bath soaks and foot soaks. People of all ages enjoy these soaks for their soothing, comforting, and relaxing properties. During stressful times, sometimes all a person needs is a good bath. So as a business offering soaks, make sure you won’t disappoint your customers. Always get your epsom salt supply from a reliable company.

Our USP grade epsom salt is safe and effective. It makes for a great bath soak base. When combined with essential oils or other ingredients, brands can create products that can pamper their customers. Further, these brands can establish their identity even with just epsom salt. It is a versatile product, after all. Plain epsom salt with no additives is a canvas that any brand can work with to create products they’re proud of. 

We also offer epsom salt for gardening, equine centers and household use. Talk to us about your business and we’ll be ready with our recommendations.

BulkEpsomSalt.com issues COA upon customer request. Call or text us about freight quotations at 818-203-7698. 

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Here at BulkEpsomSalt.com we are a leading distributor of Wholesale Epsom Salt to the North American market. We're centrally located in Shelbyville, Kentucky and able to offer competitive pricing and competitive full-service freight. Call or text us today at 818-203-7698 to get a free quote.

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