Epsom Bath Salts And Its Growing Market

epsom salt baths growing market

The market for epsom bath salts is massive and branches out much further than some may believe. While epsom salt is a popular bath additive, it’s being used in salons, nurseries, and equine centers. Creators of independent personal care products, florists, and float spa business owners also use it.

To see just how big the potential of epsom bath salts is in the business sector, let’s take a look at the market for them.

Where The Epsom Bath Salts Market Sits Now

bulk epsom saltBy the end of 2022, the global epsom bath salt market was valued at around $453.97 million. Current MarketWatch predictions are calling for serious growth by the year 2028, with a projected value of around $607 million.

Some of the most widely represented industries in today’s market include bath care brands, aromatherapy, home care, fertilizers, and garden supply.

What do these figures show? Epsom salts for baths are valuable. They’re important to different industries, and the market is only expected to grow moving forward.

Where Are Bath Salts In High Demand?

The demand for epsom bath salts is continuously growing, and here are some reasons why:

The Shift To Self-Care

2022 figures not only show how in demand bath salts are but where they’re most in demand. Two of the most popular regions for bath salts are Europe and the United States. This is largely due to a shift into a “relaxation” culture.

Because employees are working harder and schedules are getting tighter, people are looking for simple ways they can unwind at home without going over budget.

Rather than visiting local spas, families are opting to create their own spa-like experiences at home. This makes pampering more affordable and allows them to de-stress and unwind whenever they please.

bulk epsom saltYou don’t need to make an appointment to enjoy a scrub, take a bath, or enjoy an aromatherapeutic shower in the privacy of your own bathroom.

As people in North America and Europe take on longer work schedules, have busier family lives, and find themselves with less personal time, the demand for bath salts is only expected to grow.

Businesses Adapting To The Rising Popularity Of Self-Care

Epsom salt is becoming popular not just for at-home use but in salons as well. Scalp scrubs, foot scrubs, and hand scrubs created using epsom salt are add-on services that many professionals are incorporating into their offerings.

These additional services help salon owners entice clients to spend a little extra on themselves. If you need a bulk epsom salt supplier, we at BulkEpsomSalt.com can help. Just let us know how many bags you need. Contact us to learn more.

Why Work With Us

The market for epsom bath salts will only continue to grow. This is what makes it a promising business opportunity. Whether you’re planning to expand your bath and body products business or launch an entirely new one, bath salts are something you should consider.

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