Business Idea: Epsom Bath Salts For Self-Care

How Epsom Salt Baths Work

Epsom bath salts are a pampering product that many enjoy for any variety of reasons. Taking a soothing bath in epsom salt can help to relax the mind and body. Anyone can benefit from taking epsom salt baths and make it a self-care habit.

How Epsom Salt Baths Work

The Bath Product Industry

The global bath and shower product industry is valued over $43 billion, so enterprising enthusiasts see that there’s plenty of demand for products having to do with bathing and self-care. Epsom bath salts are a simple, effective, sought after, and quality product they can add to their repertoire to give the customers what they really want.

Shopping with small business is something that many consumers strive for when they can. Afterall, these independent businesses work to change people’s lives instead of simply padding the pockets of huge companies. For independent businesses, this gives them an opportunity to shine, to stand out, and to create a product that feels more personal and high-quality compared to what may be found in big box stores.

In order to create the type of product that gets customers excited, they need to find the highest quality epsom salt suppliers to create their epsom bath salts.

USP Graded Epsom Bath Salts For Safe Soaking

Epsom bath salts are dissolved into a bath or bathing basin, then they come into contact with skin for the entire duration of a soak. For this reason, it’s important that independent creators only opt for salt they can trust. USP graded epsom salt has the United States Pharmacopeia seal of approval, and it’s met the strict standards the USP sets out for authenticity, safety, and potency. Creators can invest in this salt and rest assured that they’re providing their customers with only the highest quality product.

Texture Matters In Epsom Bath Salts

USP graded is important, but that’s not the only thing that independent creators should look for when gathering supplies to make their products. A fine epsom salt is best for making certain bath and body products, while a coarser salt could be preferred for others. For instance, epsom bath salts can be incorporated into bath bombs, and fine epsom salt works best in keeping the uniform and attractive shape of the product. In a bath salt that incorporates flower petals, bath milk, or other bath enhancements, a coarser salt may look better in packaging alongside other ingredients.

Being able to choose the texture of your USP graded salt helps creators to make the best possible products. The right supplier will be able to cater to this important need.

What Can Epsom Bath Salts Be Used For?

Epsom bath salts can be used to create bath salts alongside essential oils, but that’s not all. Some other products that independent creators offer made with epsom bath salts are:

Body polishes – Epsom salt, nourishing oils, essential oils, and gentle soaps can be combined to create body polishes for full body exfoliation. This is a pampering product often found alongside bath soaks and other bath products and may be used in the bath or shower to provide customers with softer and more radiant skin.

Scalp scrubs – When combined with gentle shampoo and essential oils, scalp scrubs can do for the hair what body polishes do for the skin. These scrubs are rubbed onto the scalp instead of traditional shampoo, and they work to remove dead skin and product buildup from the area to leave behind rejuvenated and more manageable hair.

Bath bombs – Bath bombs put a little fun into the bath, and they’re a popular pick for those who appreciate a little regular self-care. Epsom bath salts, essential oils, coloring, citric acid, and baking soda are pressed into a mold to create a shape, and the shape is then dropped into the bath to fizz as it releases color, aroma, and the relaxing properties of epsom salt.

No matter the size of a business, creating the best product matters. A great epsom bath salt supplier will have certified product, customizable ordering to suit businesses of all sizes, and convenient ordering so businesses always have a trustworthy place to turn for the quality epsom bath salts they need. Epsom bath salts are the foundation for many bath products and starting with the best allows the creativity of the creator to shine with each customer they serve.