Epsom Salt Bulk For Float Therapy?

Epsom Salt Bulk For Float Therapy_

Float therapy spas need a reliable supplier who can manage regular epsom salt bulk orders. Without high-quality USP grade epsom salt, a float spa simply cannot operate. Finding the right supplier to provide quality epsom salt can mean the difference between a spa that is thriving and one that fails to meet the needs of clients. 

Why Float Therapy? 

At one time, float therapy was considered a “fad” for those in trendy cities, but it has become really popular. Float tanks filled with epsom salt offer an effective way to relax, so positive testimonials spread across the country quickly. From the west coast to the east coast and everywhere in between, clients are taking to float therapy spas to lay back and float their stresses away. 

In order to be effective in providing the “float”, tanks must be highly saturated with epsom salt. In a single 10-12 inch deep float tank, one may use between 800-1000lbs of epsom salt, which will need to be drained and replaced about every 6 months. For float therapy spa owners, this means having a supplier that can provide at least 1 ton of epsom salt per tank each year. Epsom salt is a huge need for float therapy spas, so finding the right supplier is one of the most important decisions spa owners can make. 

Spa Owners Can Never Be Too Careful

When it comes to choosing epsom salt bulk supply, spa owners can never be too careful or considerate. Recent supply chain issues began shining a big spotlight on epsom salt and other supply providers who may be unprepared to fulfill client needs, leaving float spa owners wondering how they can acquire a more reliable supply. Without epsom salt the float spa cannot exist, so it’s crucial that spa owners find suppliers that can be relied upon for product, convenience, and dedication to providing supply.

Float spa owners may even wish to look for additional suppliers to ensure they have the bulk epsom salt product they need. Epsom salt for float tanks does not expire, and having a backup supply with a backup supplier ensures that, no matter what, there is plenty of epsom salt available to keep the business running. If one provider happens to run into an issue with their supply or supply chain, there’s another supplier they can call in order to get the product they need. 

What Float Spa Owners Should Look For In Their Bulk Epsom Salt Supplier 

Part of never being too careful is carefully researching your epsom salt supplier. While trusting a supplier is great, it’s important to make sure that this supplier is worthy of your trust in the first place. First and foremost, testimonials are powerful. An epsom salt provider with plenty of positive reviews and testimonials is one that has exceeded the expectations of many customers. With this information, a float spa owner can reasonably assume they’re likely to have a similar positive experience as well. 

Next, an ideal supplier is one that will take pride in their product. You should offer only the safest and purest epsom salt in your business. You should work with a supplier that can stand behind their product. This is how you create the best possible float experiences. 

Order Epsom Salt Wholesale

Lastly, your supplier should be able to get you the salt you need, in the amount you need, and when you need it. The best suppliers can cater to you regardless of the amount of salt you need and how frequently you need them. If you’re starting off a small spa business, your supplier should be able to scale right along with you. 

BulkEpsomSalt.com offers only pure USP grade epsom salt with no fillers, no additives, and no fluff. This is just what you need to offer the very best float spa experiences. You may request for a COA with your order. If you have any questions regarding freight quotations or other details, call or text 818-203-7698. Click here to place your order now.

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