Why Equine Centers Use Epsom Salt For Horses

equine centers use epsom salt for horses

Equine centers, ranches, and horse farms need to keep quite a bit of different things on hand to make sure that horses get the best possible care. Epsom salts cost is low, and it’s one product that can be used in a variety of different ways to ensure horses remain calm, comfortable, and cared for. 

Uses Of Epsom Salts For Horses 

Epsom salts are a low-cost solution for a myriad of different equine-related care concerns. Some of the most common uses for epsom salts in horse care are: 

  • Supplemental magnesium – Magnesium deficiencies are common in horses. Magnesium deficiencies that naturally occur in soils during certain times of the year lead to low-magnesium pastures. Horses who roam these pastures eating the grasses may then develop magnesium deficiencies themselves. Epsom salt, or magnesium sulfate, may be given supplementally during these times of the year to ensure the magnesium levels in horses remain healthy.
  • Laxative – Magnesium sulfate, or epsom salt, can draw water to the bowels of horses when ingested. For this reason, it may also be used to provide a laxative effect.
  • Soak – Soaking in epsom salt isn’t just for humans. Horses also benefit from the soothing and relaxing effects of an epsom salt soak to relieve tiredness in the limbs. Epsom salt soaks may also be used to aid in keeping sensitive parts of a horse clean. 

Bulk Epsom Salt For Horse Care 

Equine centers will cater to individuals who own a horse or two, and they’ll also serve customers who run ranches, own stables, or otherwise care for dozens of horses or more. Bulk epsom salt for horse care allows centers to get the high-quality product necessary to keep customers confident and satisfied. Smaller centers may purchase a few hundred pounds a few times per year, while larger centers invest in tons of epsom salt to cater to the needs of their varied customers. 

Epsom salt for horses should always be COA and USP graded, meaning that it fits all standards for purity, safety, and efficacy. Our epsom salt is USP grade and comes with a reliable certificate of analysis, so equine centers know that they’re providing their customer base (and their horses) with a trustworthy product that can be relied upon for safety and quality. We offer 10% off for all new customers, and if you’re unsure of the status of the promotion we can verify with an email to wholesale@betterbathbetterbody.com. 

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