The Benefits Of Certified Bulk Epsom Salt For Float Tanks

The Benefits Of Certified Bulk Epsom Salt For Float Tanks

A float tank with 10 inches of water might use 800 pounds of epsom salt, a float tank with 12 inches of water might use 1,000 pounds. For this reason, it’s important to opt only for certified bulk epsom salt for float tanks. 

The benefits of USP grade wholesale epsom salt are numerous. Some of these include: 

  1. It’s graded and certified for purity and quality – A USP grade is an important distinction. It means that a product has passed the test for top-notch quality and purity standards by the United States Pharmacopeia, an organization that sets the standard for safety in pharmaceutical and personal care products. Epsom salts that are considered USP grade are epsom salts of the purest and highest quality. 
  2. Additional soothing benefits – USP grade epsom salt is much different than table salt. While table salt is also known as sodium chloride, the chemical name for epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. Making up epsom salt is magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen – three highly beneficial ingredients that lend themselves to optimal soothing and relaxation. Magnesium in particular is well known to be a highly celebrated relaxation aid. With certified bulk epsom salt for float tanks, a person can rest assured that their experience is as relaxing as possible. 
  3. Best possible experience for float tank clients – The clients that come through the doors of a float spa are looking for a certain type of experience. They want to lay down, relax, and float away all of their stresses as they soothe their minds and bodies. Certified bulk epsom salt products are one way to ensure clients can have this sort of experience, and that they’re more likely to share their positive reviews with others. 

The Benefits Of Certified Bulk Epsom Salt For Float Tanks

Never Run Out Of The Salt You Need 

Float tanks require a large amount of salt to achieve the sort of buoyancy that makes them such a soothing experience. Wholesale and bulk epsom salt makes it easy to keep as much salt on hand as business owners need, so every client can leave satisfied even during the busiest of days. Even as float spas grow in popularity, a bulk supplier makes growing your business as easy as booking new clients in for an appointment or welcoming in curious walk-ins. Water in float tanks should be changed after every 1,000 floats or 6 months’ time – and having bulk salt on hand makes sure you’re always prepared for the best fresh floats. 

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