The Power Of Epsom Salt Detox Baths

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By the end of 2022, the bath and personal care product industry is projected to reach an all-time high value of more than $48 billion around the globe. Epsom salt detox baths are one part of the market that many are catching on to, inspiring many independent creators to make, market, and sell their own soothing blends. 

What Bath Products Use Epsom Salts? 

Epsom salt plays a huge role in many independent bath and personal care products. Some of the most common you’ll find using this mineral are: 

  • Bath bombs – Along with sodium bicarbonate or baking soda, epsom salts are often used to bulk up and provide soothing benefits to bath bombs. The two ingredients may be combined with coloring, essential oils, eco-friendly glitter, or other components to add fun to a bath.
  • Body scrubs – Epsom salt may be mixed with nourishing coconut oil, whipped soaps, and essential oils to create exfoliating body scrubs. These may be marketed for use on the hands, feet, or whole body to soften and smooth the skin.
  • Soap – Exfoliating soap bars may also use epsom salt. The ingredient will be pressed into the soap bars to create an exfoliating benefit while the soap is rubbed onto the skin. These soaps may be used for the hands or the whole body.
  • Bath soaks – Epsom salts are a main ingredient in most bath soaks. In a bath soak, they may be mixed with coconut oil, essential oils, and carrier oils to create a soothing, fragrant soak.
  • Scalp scrubs – It’s not just the skin of the body that benefits from occasional exfoliation. Epsom salt may be mixed into a shampoo blend to create a scrub that works to exfoliate the skin of the scalp, leaving behind refreshed and thoroughly cleaned hair. 

Epsom Salt Bath Soaks For Any Occasion 

Epsom salt bath soaks are one of the single most popular bath and personal care products, both with consumers and creators. For creators, it’s a simple product to make, customize, and ship. It only requires a few ingredients.

It’s also something that consumers can use on a variety of occasions with or without a traditional bathtub, and it may be shipped simply in a jar or resealable bag. Soaks are where many creators start their own bath and personal care business journey.

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