Epsom Salt Uses For Small Business Owners

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Epsom salt uses can vary widely. For small business owners in all sorts of industries, epsom salt is one ingredient that’s important to the quality of different products and even the ability to create them. Independent business owners, current or prospective, should look for a few things when sourcing quality bulk epsom salt. 

What To Look For In Your Epsom Salt Wholesale Product 

Before figuring out all of the ways an independent business owner may use epsom salt, it’s important to know what to look for in a high-quality and trustworthy product. First and foremost, the epsom salt should be USP Grade and have a Certificate of Analysis or COA.

The former proves that the product has met all standards set forth by the United States Pharmacopeia. The latter guarantees that the product has been fully inspected and is of the highest quality.

The United States Pharmacopeia is an organization that has been setting regulatory standards for personal care and pharmaceutical products for nearly 200 years. They make sure that products meet all standards for potency, purity, and quality before providing their grade of approval. 

The uses of epsom salt may vary, and no two independent business owners will have the same exact bulk epsom salt needs. A reliable supplier will not only provide high-quality products, but they’ll be able to cater to the various needs of today’s business owners.

This means that the artisan who creates bath products can get the amount of salt they need, while the owner of a float tank spa can get theirs as well. Whether it’s a couple dozen pounds every few months, or a few tons twice a year, the right supplier is reliable and trustworthy.

Epsom Salt Uses For Different Industries

Various industries use epsom salt in different ways. Some of the most common purchasers of bulk epsom salt are: 

Salon Owners

Salons provide a necessary service of rest, revival, and relaxation, all things that epsom salt is known to offer. In bulk, you may use it to create various scrubs for the hands, feet, or scalp. This will enable to you provide a renewing and relaxing service that you can upsell as part of different packages.

In a hair salon, a scalp scrub can help to revive the scalp and give body to the hair, which you may include in a wash to ensure a new cut and color service looks extra impressive. If you need epsom salt in bulk for your salon, work with us at BulkEpsomSalt.com. Click here to place an order.

In manicures and pedicures, you can use epsom salt to make nutrient-rich scrubs that help to remove dead skin, leaving behind a glowing and refreshed look on the hands or feet. 

Nurseries And Garden Centers

Epsom salt doesn’t just serve to soothe and relax the skin; it can also provide nourishment for plants. Nursery or garden center owners can use it to beautify ornamental plants and give produce a nutritious boost. For produce like peppers or tomatoes, a lack of magnesium in the soil can cause stunting in the growth of delicious fruits.

This could lead to mid-summer slumps of small tomatoes, limited peppers, or other disappointing garden challenges. Adding epsom salt to the water or directly to the soil can help replace the magnesium lost during the harsh summer months. 

For ornamental plants like roses, adding epsom salt to the soil can lead to bigger blooms and darker or more lush greenery. Garden centers can simply sell epsom salt for use in the garden or create their own nutrient blends using epsom salt for bigger blooms, more impressive fruits, or heartier leaves. 

Float Spa Owners

Float spas are a trend picking up steam for those in all walks of life. Once something reserved for the “rich and famous,” these spas and their many benefits are being adopted with large followings. In a float spa, an individual will lay in a tub of warm water saturated with epsom salt. This will allow them to float weightlessly on the surface of the water. The complete relaxation of the body and mind has been found to have effective stress relief benefits.

Order Bulk Epsom Salt For Your Small Business

Epsom salt uses aren’t limited to spas, garden centers, and hair salons. It’s an important ingredient in a variety of industries. For small business owners looking to find the kind of supplier they can trust to provide only the best product, convenience, quality, and accessibility are a must.

We at BulkEpsomSalt.com are here for you if you need a supplier of bulk epsom salt. Call us now at 818-203-7698. You may request a COA when you place an order.