What To Look For In Epsom Salt Bulk Bag

What To Look For In Epsom Salt Bulk Bag

When purchasing an epsom salt bulk bag for your business, it’s crucial to invest in only the best product. For businesses, the epsom salt you choose will be what is offered to your customers and what will shape their experiences no matter what industry your business is in. 

What To Look For In Epsom Salt Bulk Bag

Industries That May Invest In An Epsom Salt Bulk Bag 

What industries use epsom salt in their services or products? The list is long. Some common customers include: 

  • Gardening Businesses – Nurseries, gardens, and florists are big buyers of wholesale epsom salt. Produce like peppers and tomatoes tend to experience magnesium deficiency during the midsummer season, which can be remedied by adding about a tablespoon of epsom salt to the soil.

    Rose gardeners and florists can dissolve ½ cup of epsom salt into a gallon of water to encourage lush blooms and rich foliage. Meanwhile, nurseries transplanting plants may place a bit of epsom salt in the soil to encourage healthy integration of root systems in new spaces or potting.

    If you need epsom salt in large quantities for your garden, we at BulkEpsomSalt.com have you covered. We ship freight anywhere in the US and offer flexible order sizes. Call us at 818-203-7698 today for inquiries.

  • Salons – Hair salons, manicurists, and even facial spas all use bulk epsom salt bags in their various treatments or services. For hair salons, it can be included in scalp massages for a clarifying treatment that removes buildup from the hair and scalp. On the other hand, manicurists or pedicurists can use it in exfoliating massages.

  • Float Tank Spas – Floating is a new trend that went from a celebrity favorite to something everyone is looking to try out. Float tanks involve dissolving a large amount of epsom salt (800 to 1,000 pounds in some tanks) into a tank of water, creating buoyancy that allows floaters to simply relax on the water’s surface. 

Getting The Best Bulk Epsom Salt Bag 

Business owners need to be able to trust in their epsom salt bulk bag. They need to know that they’re giving their customers a legitimate, reliable, and safe product that won’t put their businesses or their reputations at risk.

For this reason, it’s crucial to look for the USP Grade distinction on any bulk bag of epsom salt. This means that the product has met the rigorous standards of the United States Pharmacopeia, an organization with a nearly 200-year history in regulating the safety of personal care and pharmaceutical products.

Additionally, bulk bags should not be “fluffed” with fillers but filled with nothing but pure, certified, and legitimate epsom salt. Get your supply of pure, high-quality epsom salt in bulk from us. Click here to place an order.

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