Where Does Your Bulk Epsom Salt Come From?

Where Does Your Bulk Epsom Salt Come From?

Where your bulk epsom salt comes from is just as important as what is inside the bag. High quality epsom salt should be stored in a high quality facility; one that ensures the product can be trusted. 

What Is Different About USP Grade Epsom Salt? 

USP grade epsom salt is reliable epsom salt. It’s a product that has met all strict regulatory standards of the United States Pharmacopeia, and it’s one that is guaranteed for potency, purity, and authenticity to be used in float tanks, equine centers, personal care products, gardening kits, and more. It’s a product that is not cut with other salts, and it’s one that can be relied upon for safe use by all industries. 

When a business is looking for epsom salt bulk product, it’s USP grade they should be prioritizing to ensure safety to their clients and customers. 

Why Storage Matters 

In many cases, epsom salt comes into contact with the skin. In beauty and personal care products, a hot bath, an exfoliation treatment, or manicure or pedicure pampering, the salt will have intimate contact with the skin. For equine care, the salt may be used directly on the body to soothe and comfort horses. In float tanks, individuals are laying in highly saturated pools of salted water for as long as two hours as they relax their stresses away. While the production of the salt has a lot to do with its safety, so does its storage. 

Safe, reliable, and effective USP grade epsom salt may arrive this way, but that can change depending on how the product is stored. In an unclean warehouse or storage center, rodents or other pests could contaminate the salt, leaving behind damage that while often microscopic can be risky. While epsom salt may repel or deter some pests and rodents, others like rats and mice have been known to be attracted to it. 

Additionally, a warehouse that doesn’t pay close attention to moisture levels in their facility may compromise the quality of salt that should be kept safe and dry. This may lead to epsom salt that is full of clumps, has partially dissolved, or has a substandard look. 

Know Where Your Salt Comes From 

Knowing where your epsom salt bulk orders come from adds an additional layer of trustworthiness to your product. Businesses know that they’re getting that authentic, high quality, and safe product they’ve ordered and that has been manufactured for them. They know that their product has not risked contamination at any point on its way to them. 

When seeking out a supplier for wholesale epsom salt, make sure the supplier you choose offers a guaranteed product and stores it in a facility that maintains that high quality standard. Transparency is important in finding a supplier you can trust, and suppliers should be proud of how they obtain and store the product they offer to their customers.

Reliable Salt For Every Need 

Whether it’s an independent manufacturer of beauty care products, the owner of a float tank spa, or a garden center, BulkEpsomSalt.com provides a reliable product for every need. We handle both larger and smaller volume orders, so businesses get the quality salt they need in quantities that suit their individual use. All of our epsom salt is USP grade, and a certificate of analysis, or COA, may be made available upon request. For businesses with inquiries regarding orders, order volume needs, or freight, call us at 818-203-7698.

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