Where To Buy Bulk Epsom Salt For Float Spas

where to buy bulk epsom salt for float spa

Float therapy, a wellness experience with benefits like stress relief and improved mental health, involves using high concentrations of epsom salt. Business owners running float spas need a consistent supply of at least 2,000 lbs of bulk epsom salt.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier that can ensure smooth business operations and a relaxing experience that will keep your customers coming back, you’ve come to the right place.

Great Float Spas Need Reliable Bulk Epsom Salt Suppliers

bulk epsom saltAt BulkEpsomSalt.com, we provide only the highest-quality epsom salt and an excellent service that meets and exceeds your expectations. Our reliable delivery service offers convenience and security for your epsom salt orders.

Whether you need a full or half pallet, we will package it with strong corner guards and durable cardboard and secure it further with a wrapping machine. This ensures your epsom salt for float spa stays in pristine condition.

Partnered with reputable forwarders, we guarantee that your order will always arrive on time. No matter where you are in the United States, we can deliver your order right to your location.

If you’re in or near Shelbyville, Kentucky, you can also arrange for pick-up at our warehouse located in the area. Call or text us so we can set a pickup schedule for you or click here if you’re ready to place an order.

Why Buy From Us?

bulk epsom saltQuality epsom salt is of utmost importance for a float spa to be effective. That’s why we offer only the USP Grade kind.

Provide your clients with the most relaxing float spa experience they’d ever have with our premium-grade epsom salt. Pure and fine-grain, it dissolves easily and provides your customers with the optimal benefits of epsom salt and float therapy.

And because we at BulkEpsomSalt.com value honesty and transparency, we are ready to give you a Certificate of Analysis or COA upon request, showing all the information, specifications, and tests done on our epsom salt for float tanks.

We also accommodate custom pallet sizes in addition to our full and half pallet options. Just let us know how many bags you need, and we’ll configure a custom pallet size for you.

Choose Only The Best For Your Float Spa

Ensure your float spa stands out with the highest-quality bulk epsom salt. Trust us for reliable delivery, exceptional service, and customizable options tailored to your needs.

Elevate your clients’ experience and keep them coming back for more. Call us for freight quotations and inquiries or fill out this form to place an order today or place your order at Better Bath Better Body.

bulk epsom salt

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