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One’s buoyancy in a float tank is made possible by bulk epsom salt. However, not all epsom salts are created equal. So as a float spa owner, you must be careful in making deals with your suppliers, especially when it comes to sourcing wholesale epsom salt for float tanks and sensory deprivation pods.

Make sure to avoid fly-by-night companies who will either scam you or fail to deliver what’s been agreed upon. Fill your float tanks and sensory deprivation pods with wholesale epsom salt from a reliable distributor and partner to ensure its quality and safety.

What Is USP Grade Epsom Salt?

USP Grade or United States Pharmaceutical Grade is food-grade epsom salt. It is the type that is quality-controlled and often used in personal care products. Since this is certified by the FDA, it is the type most often used for float tanks.

This is exactly what we offer at BulkEpsomSalt.com. If you’re looking for a supplier of pure, high-quality epsom salt that’s safe to use for float therapy, we have you covered. Place an order here.

What To Look For When Purchasing Bulk Epsom Salt

A float tank uses approximately 800 pounds of epsom salt on average. It comes out to be about six pounds for each gallon of water in the tank. Since you need this much epsom salt, it makes the most sense to purchase it wholesale from a reliable partner, so you have enough.

A reliable wholesale epsom salt partner prioritizes quality and customer service and ensures efficient delivery. You also want a supplier who can ship freight anywhere in the US and offers epsom salt by full pallet or any size pallet you need to ensure you have the quantity required to fill and maintain your float tanks.

Purchasing from an unreliable source could mean a lower-quality epsom salt and problems with the bulk epsom salt delivery process.

Order Wholesale Epsom Salt For Float Tanks Online

For your next bulk epsom salt order and for any inquiries or freight quotations, click here or call us at 818-203-7698. To ensure the wholesale epsom salt for float tanks is of the highest quality, you can also request a Certificate of Analysis or COA.

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