Epsom Salt Bath Products Should Be Of The Highest Quality

Epsom Salt Bath Products Should Be Of The Highest Quality

There are few things as soothing, relaxing, and invigorating as a nice epsom salt bath. The bath and shower market is worth billions and is continuing to grow, so it makes sense that small business owners want to get a piece of that pie. 

Epsom Salt Bath Products Should Be Of The Highest Quality

What Are The Different Types Of Epsom Salt Bath Products? 

There’s a wide variety of different bath products that may use epsom salt in their formulation. These can be made in kitchens by small business owners selling in local shops and online, and they include: 

Hand Scrubs

Epsom salt mixed with nourishing ingredients is perfect for exfoliating the hands during the dry winter months. It’s a common product found in hand scrubs and manicure treatments. 

Foot Scrubs

While the hands take much of the abuse in the cool and dry fall and winter, it’s the feet that need a little help during the sandal season. Foot scrubs with epsom salt help to exfoliate the skin, leaving behind fresh, healthy-looking, and beautiful feet. 


Foot soaks and bath soaks are a popular choice for small business owners. A bath with epsom salt is well known to provide soothing relaxation, and it’s a perfect pampering gift to remind a loved one to take a little time out for themselves.

For this reason, small business owners may combine epsom salt with essential oils, herbs, flowers, and scented powders to create the most luxurious soaking products for their customers.

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Scalp Scrubs

Scalp scrubs can work to invigorate the hair while removing dead skin cells and stubborn product buildup. These scalp scrubs are often created by small business owners who focus on full-body pampering or those who run salons and wish to offer scalp scrub pampering services to their clients. 

Body Polish

Body polish or body scrub is a year-round product that always leaves skin feeling soft, refreshed, and renewed. These products are often used before shaving to limit ingrown hair and irritation. They help give additional body products like lotions and oils a better ability to soak into the skin. 

High-Quality Salt Matters 

High-quality epsom salt in bulk matters, especially if you create personal care products. Using epsom salt that isn’t USP Grade could potentially harm your customers and your business. Epsom salt bath products will be in contact with the skin, the body’s largest organ, so they should be as pure, safe, and high-quality as possible. 

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