How Much Wholesale Epsom Salt For Float Do I Need?

How Much Wholesale Epsom Salt For Float Do I Need

With an ever-busy world, float tanks are becoming all the rage. These help people relax, soothe their minds and bodies, and drift away from the stresses of everyday life. For float tank spa owners, “how much wholesale epsom salt for float do I need” is a common question. 

How Much Wholesale Epsom Salt? More Than You Might Think 

A single float tank might use 800 to 1,000 lbs of epsom salt depending on the depth of the tank. The average 10-inch tank might be more toward the 800-pound mark, while a 12-inch-deep tank would be closer to 1,000 pounds. There’s a good reason why so much product is used: epsom salt is a key ingredient in making consumers float in the first place. 

Float tanks use highly saturated salt water to increase buoyancy. When a person enters the tank and lays back, they’ll simply float on the surface of the water, allowing them to relax their entire body. The result is a weightless experience powered by the magic of epsom salt. 

This ingredient, which is naturally high in magnesium, is a must for any float tank. Magnesium can help to relax the body, and along with the weightless experience, users can feel maximum soothing as they rest in the warm water. 

Float tanks can come in all sizes. A good rule of thumb to follow when asking “How much epsom salt for float do I need?” would be to use around six pounds or more per gallon of water in the tank. If you need large quantities of epsom salt, call BulkEpsomSalt.com today at 818-203-7698. We ship anywhere in the US.

How Much Wholesale Epsom Salt For Float Do I Need

The Quality Of Your Salt Matters 

A high-quality product is crucial when filling a float tank with saltwater. First and foremost, float tank spa owners should look for the USP Grade label on any epsom salt bulk product they invest in. Floaters are coming into contact with a large amount of salt in the water so it should be pure, authentic, and reliable.

Such a product has met the strict standards of the USP, so it’s an easy way for business owners to rest assured that they’re only using the most reliable and worthwhile epsom salt. 

A quality supplier will also allow for orders to be customized. As a float spa grows, the amount of salt needed may change, so custom order sizes will ensure business owners always get what they need.

Order Bulk Epsom Salt Online

Here at BulkEpsomSalt.com, we offer the highest-grade wholesale epsom salt possible for floatation tanks. You may request an official Certificate of Analysis or COA with your order. We also offer epsom salt for gardening supplies, household products, and more. Call us today at 818-203-7698 to get a quote!


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