Look For Quality In Wholesale Epsom Salt

Look For Quality In Wholesale Epsom Salt

Float shop owners use quite a bit of epsom salt to keep their businesses going. Float tanks require wholesale epsom salt to keep their floats affordable, as 800-1000 pounds of salt are used in each 8 to 12 inches of water. 

Why Quality In Epsom Salt? 

While a client or customer floats, their skin will come into contact with quite a bit of salt. Float tanks are highly salt saturated to provide the buoyancy these tanks are known for, allowing floaters to completely relax their bodies as they rest comfortably along the surface of the water. To create the sort of experience that satisfies customers, the salt used must be of the highest quality. Salts that don’t work to provide the correct buoyancy, or salts that irritate rather than provide relaxation, will provide subpar experiences potentially resulting in less than positive customer reviews. 

Any service being offered to the public must take quality into consideration first, and there are ways to ensure quality in your wholesale epsom salt

Look For Quality In Wholesale Epsom Salt

What To Look For To Ensure The Highest Quality Epsom Salt 

There are a few telltale signs that let business owners know that they’re investing in the highest quality epsom salt products in bulk. These include: 

  • No fillers – High quality epsom salt bags in bulk should contain no fillers. This ensure that customers are investing in a pure product, and one with a weight measurement they can trust. Purchasing a 50lb bag of epsom salt only to find out that 5lb is actually made up of filler is an unwise investment for any business owner. Trustworthy wholesale providers should provide their customers with weight they can rely on. 
  • USP graded product – The USP, or United States Pharmacopeia, is an organization that has been setting the standard for pharmaceutical and personal care products for just under 200 years. They test and analyze for quality, potency, and purity on a wide variety of products including bulk epsom salt. A USP graded epsom salt product is one that has met the rigorous testing standards set out by a trustworthy and esteemed organization. Businesses can trust that they’re using a product that provides maximum benefit to clients and customers. 
  • Clean and secure storage – A lot can happen to a product between storage at a warehouse and arrival at your location. Make sure that your epsom salt sold wholesale and in bulk originates from a clean and secure environment to ensure quality. 

Order Bulk Epsom Salt Online

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