4 Types Of Businesses That Use Wholesale Epsom Salt 


Different businesses require wholesale epsom salt. This versatile product crosses industries, providing benefits to all sorts of different customers. Here are some of the businesses that require a regular supply of bulk epsom salt.

Epsom Salt For Float Spas 

Float tanks are a new trend that started in celebrity circles and quickly moved to interest everyday people as well. These tanks involve dissolving large amounts of epsom salt into tanks of warm water, which allows users to float on the surface of the water as their bodies are encouraged to completely relax.  Float tanks are lauded for their power deeply relax and soothe, and float spas need to find reliable bulk epsom salt suppliers to keep up with the ever increasing demand. 

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Epsom Salt For Gardening

One unique industry that makes use of bulk wholesale epsom salt is gardening, which many don’t think about when they think about epsom salt. For rose gardeners or florists maintaining their own gardens, epsom salt is a secret to lush blooms, rich foliage, and healthy root systems for roses and other flowers. To transplant a rose, one may sprinkle a bit of epsom salt into the soil in the new rose area, which can help the root systems to grow strong even after being transplanted. To encourage more blooms, ½ cup of epsom salt may be dissolved in a gallon of water and applied to a rose bush about once per week, which helps to grow strong blooms and healthier foliage. 

It’s not just floral gardeners that see the benefit in wholesale epsom salt. During the midsummer season, it’s not uncommon for produce like peppers and tomatoes to see magnesium deficiencies. This may present as smaller fruits or yellowing leaves. Adding about 1 tablespoon of epsom salt to the soil around the plants can help to replace the magnesium lost during the hottest periods of the year. 

Epsom Salt For Hair Salons and Nail Salons 

When hair is looking dull, frizzy, and unmanageable, it could be time for a scalp exfoliation treatment. Like any skin on the body, exfoliation helps to encourage healthy turnover, but on the scalp it also affects the way the hair looks at the same time. For this reason, many hair salons offer clarifying scalp massages that work to exfoliate the scalp of dead skin cells and product buildup using epsom salt.

A great manicure or pedicure always includes a soothing exfoliation massage of the hands or feet. To effectively exfoliate, professionals may add epsom salt to certain nourishing oils or soaps to gently work away dead skin cells and reveal fresh healthy skin. 

Epsom Salt For Horse Farms

Epsom salt is also important in caring for horses. It is commonly known that horse farms use epsom salt to help comfort their horses or help them recuperate after a long day’s work. Equine centers order bulk epsom salt so they never run out of essential supplies for their horses.

Order Wholesale Epsom Salt

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