Why Epsom Salt For Float Tanks

Why Epsom Salt For Float Tanks

Float tanks are a new trend that many everyday people are seeing the benefit in. Epsom salt for float tanks help to make this experience possible, giving individuals from all walks of life a simple way to relieve and relax. 

What Are Float Tanks? 

Float tanks are lukewarm pools of water highly saturated with epsom salt. A float tank with 10 inches of water may use 800lbs of epsom salt, while a 12-inch-deep float tank could use as much as half of a ton of salt. The highly saturated nature of float tanks allow people to slip into the water and float, weightlessly, on the surface, thereby allowing them to completely relax their bodies. 

Why Flotation Therapy? 

Flotation therapy, filled with magnesium rich epsom salt, has been proven to be relaxing and soothing to not just the body, but the mind as well. In a 2022 study conducted by the American Institute of Stress, it was found that stress levels across the United States are at an all-time high, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. People are stressed, they’re growing more stressed, and they’re looking for ways to calm their nerves and conquer the various stresses plaguing their lives. 

It’s this stress that provides the best opportunity for individuals to try flotation therapy for themselves. They’re able to go to float spas or visit float tank owners, take a dip in the float tank, and allow their minds and bodies to relax as stresses melt away. It provides a very effective weapon to combat stress, and an effective float therapy session can be as short as 15 minutes to feel real results. 

Float Tank Spas And Epsom Salt 

Authentic USP grade epsom salt is a must for float tank owners. Owners of floatation therapy spas must use only the highest quality salts to ensure their tanks will continue working correctly, and that they provide a safe and effective experience for guests or clients. The average float tank will use between 1600 and 2000 pounds of epsom salt per tank per year, making finding a reliable USP grade epsom salt supplier one of the most important things flotation therapy spa owners can do. 

Reliable suppliers are proud of their USP grade, their ability to provide customizable epsom salt orders, and being the kind of brand that owners of float tank spas can count on. 

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