Why USP Grade Epsom Salt For Float Tanks?

Why USP Grade Epsom Salt For Float Tanks

From celebrities to everyday professionals, float tanks are all the rage in today’s ever busy world. Their ability to provide soothing relaxation draws people from all walks of life to float away their stresses in warm water saturated with epsom salt. USP grade epsom salt for float tanks ensures floaters get the trustworthy experience they’re looking for. 

What Is USP?

USP is an acronym that stands for United States Pharmacopeia, which is an organization in charge of determining the purity and potency of pharmaceutical grade products. With epsom salt, USP means that the purity and potency of the product has passed the strict standards laid out by the organization. A USP grade means that the product is one that is trustworthy and can be used with confidence when serving clients who may come in for a float. 

What Products Are USP Graded? 

While “pharmaceutical grade” may make someone think of medicines or other pharmaceutical products, USP grades are used in plenty of applications. Pharmaceutical manufacturing, active ingredients in personal care products, first aid products, and even hand sanitizers may be USP graded to ensure the highest quality ingredients. Epsom salt would be considered under the personal care product umbrella, and the grade can be considered a seal guaranteeing customer quality and safety. 

Why USP Grade For Float Tanks 

A float tank filled with 12 inches of water may use up to 1,000 pounds of epsom salt to achieve perfect relaxing buoyancy, so each floater that enters the tank will be in contact with quite a bit of salt. USP grade epsom salt for float tanks promises that the salt that their skin is coming into contact with is genuine, high-quality, safe, and reliable. It’s the kind of salt that will keep clients coming back again and again every time they need a soothing float. 

When a client makes use of any service, they expect to have a quality experience they can trust. When they don’t get it, this can mean disaster for any business. Opting for USP grade bulk epsom salt for float tanks ensures that every client can come in, float, and leave feeling nothing but the soothing relaxation they came in for. They can trust that they’ve had an authentic experience with their time spent in the float tank, and they’re more likely to tell their friends about this positive experience instead of spreading word about a negative one. 

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